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Skywalkers – Why you should leave it to the experts


Young man hospitalised from fall from scaffolding, was taking a “selfie”

A YOUNG man who was left seriously injured after he fell from scaffolding in Shepton Mallet last week was “larking around”, said police.

Inspector Mark Nicholson said the man, who was with a friend, had been trying to take a photo of himself at a “silly height” when he plunged as much as 25ft.

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Clucking Shunts


Clucking Shunts:

The Search…
For The Back-Up Holy Grail

“Be thou my Guardian and my Guide,
And hear me when I call;
Let not my slippery footsteps slide,
And hold me lest I fall.”
Isaac Williams, 1802-65

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Scaffolder how he survived


Scaffolder tells his story on how he survived North Sea helicopter crash that killed four

A Scaffolder has told newspapers how he escaped death when a helicopter he was in plunged into the sea, killing four people. Paul Sharp, 48, from Hull, was one of the survivors when the Super Puma L2 hurtled uncontrollably into the North Sea.

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Passing IRATA Level 2 Course

Matty Etcell

Congratulations to Matty Etcell on passing his IRATA level 2 course this week! Also a big warm welcome back to the team following his stint down in  the country town of Wagga Wagga!

The Eiffel Tower and a Disco Ball


The Eiffel Tower and a Disco Ball: an extraordinary work site and original photos

In 2012 photographer Stéphan Denys closely covered the sound and light system installation on the Eiffel Tower, especially the assembly and suspension of the “Queen of the Night.” This nighttime work site, supervised by the rigging company Magnum, created a unique atmosphere around the Eiffel Tower.

Enjoy 100 never-before-seen photos…

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Scaffold Company boss wants ex-forces to join climb to success


A Scaffold company boss in Gloucestershire is looking to boost his workforce by recruiting former military personnel.

Carl Fallon, managing director of MG Scaffolding in Cheltenham, said he was looking for disciplined workers that could apply skills they had picked up in the armed forces and climb their way up the scaffolding trade.

The Scaffold company is looking for trainee scaffold operatives who have the potential to progress as well as HGV drivers to drive its fleet of vehicles.

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NASC 2013 Safety Report Launch


The NASC has launched its 2013 Safety Report – documenting the statistics for scaffolding safety in 2012 for all 201 NASC contracting member companies, covering some 14,098 operatives.

The annual NASC report contains accident statistics over a three day and (new for the 2013 report) seven day period, together with a comparison of NASC accident data with industry statistics supplied by the HSE. It provides details of injuries and fatalities, and causes and analysis of accidents and injuries to operatives, third parties, and members of the public. The report also covers NASC safety support and guidance, advice, membership criteria and objectives, prefaced by an uncompromising statement from the current NASC President, Rob Lynch, of Lyndon Scaffolding

NASC Safety Report statistics show that there was one fatality in 2012 (the first since 2004) and that slips, trips and falls are still the major cause of accidents and injuries in the industry, making up 34% of all accidents and injuries. This is the 10th consecutive year that slips, trips and falls have been in the number one accident and injury spot.

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Famous Ex Scaffolders

Paul Hogan (Film Star)

paul-hogan-crocodile-dundeeThe former pool lifeguard, union organizer and Sydney Harbour Bridge scaffolder who stumbled onto the telly in 1972 when his workmates dared him to enter a talent show.

That character (who never wore a suit save in jest; who talked, Hogan said, “like the guys down at the pub”; and who could spot a poser a mile off) was assertively working-class, unashamedly Australian, and enormously popular. As Hoges the footy-loving pub philosopher of The Paul Hogan Show, and as Michael J. “Crocodile” Dundee, the bushman who conquers New York with a grin, a “G~day” and a big knife, Paul Hogan made himself into an emblem of Australianness–and sold it to the world.

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